Kevin Maldonado of the HBC Fire Wins Eastern New York’s Xbox Tournament New York Soccer News: 44 players took part and 63 games were played With no organized soccer games or training currently taking place in New York State because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) is making lemonade out of
SoccerToday's nutrition columnist Nancy Clark discusses how almonds are good for fueling your body
The New Soccer Coaches Summit Tackles The Role of the Coach in Times of Unrest. New Two-Day Series Kicks Off June 3 – 9:00 AM PST  #SoccerCoachesSummit2020 #CoachesHelpingCoaches The highly successful Soccer Coaches Summit produced by America Scores Bay Area presented over 150 speakers. Now back with a two-day session, the Soccer Coaches Summit is a
Todd Beane’s First Article On SoccerToday It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome Todd Beane as our newest columnists. I know our readers will benefit greatly from his expertise. As of today, I am a columnist. I have no idea how to be one. So, before we start to debate the methods
Southern California’s Tessa Troglia Works Hard For Youth Soccer Players New beginnings are always exciting. Here is a new start for an experienced youth soccer Coaching Director and her teams as they join California’s FC Premier. The youth soccer landscape in Southern California is always shifting with the movement of coaches and players but this
We All Want Youth Soccer Players Back On The Fields Safely Update on Coronavirus COVID-19’s impact on youth soccer with a spotlight on San Diego, California. San Diego’s local government is ahead of other counties in aggressively planning to restart the economy and services. The idea is that once a plan is approved in San
US Youth Soccer’s CEO Skip Gilbert on the New Partnership with MLS and the Resurgence of ODP Every day, we cover what is happening in our soccer world and share information you need to know to plan ahead in this uncertain time because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, here is great news that was
San Diego Supervisor Kristin Gaspar on San Diego’s plan to Bring Back Youth Soccer In-Depth Interview on the current effort to get the tens of thousands of youth soccer players back playing youth soccer in San Diego and loosen the restrictions in place in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The approval to resume youth
Bobby Lennon’s Marbella United FC – Perfect For A COVID-19 Gap Year A highly experienced soccer coach of the beautiful game, Bobby Lennon has played, coached, and managed football in the USA for more than 40 years. A USL Hall of Famer, Lennon has coached at every level. In 2015, Lennon launched a player development
Coming Back Stronger Than Ever And With Safety Protocols The announcement confirming Surf Cup for Summer 2020 on May 20 was one of the first during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic … yes, 2020 Surf Cup is on for this summer. Well known as one of the most popular hallmark events of the youth soccer summer,
After Winning A Huge Majority, Turner Finally Takes Lead At Cal South and Works To Restart Soccer Cal South is now on track to become a great state association, again. UPDATED With Return To Play Information for San Diego County – One Step Closer To Getting Kids Back Training The fact that it took weeks
A Few US Youth Soccer States Return To Play & End The Long Coronavirus COVID-19 Moratorium COVID-19 IMPACT ON SOCCER: Soccer Parents are Following Safety Protocols Youth soccer has kicked off on fields where stay at home restrictions have lifted … but the Return-to-Play strict safety protocols as well as state and local guidelines must
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