US Surges Towards 24 Million Coronavirus Cases World Nears 95 Million Confirmed COVID-19 Cases with Over 2 Million Dead Winter Surge Takes CA Close to 3 Million Cases – TX, Spain and Germany Pass 2+ Million Mark Latest Cancelation: Concacaf Cancels U20 and U17 Men’s National Team Competitions. Globally, there are over 94.5+ million cases
The Leadership Crisis in Youth Sports Today Why are today’s players more mentally and emotionally fragile than ever? Why are there fewer leaders? I was 12 years-old and playing in my Little League’s championship game in 1988. I was the team’s shortstop and batted third in the lineup, but in the top half of the
Soccer Lover’s Book Review of Stephen Griffin’s New Book Released on November 1, 2020, and reminiscent of a tell-all book, Stephen Griffin’s “Front Row Seat: Greed and Corruption in a Youth Sports Company” is a page-turner, even if you don’t know how closely connected the story is with real life. Does anyone remember GPS? FC
Soccer Players & Coaches Grocery List for Healthy Detox:
A New Year brings new challenges, although hopefully not as many as 2020, and new initiatives. One such initiative is the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) is introducing our Club of the Month. In January, we celebrate an oldie but goodie as Sporting Club Gjøa of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL) is being honored as our inaugural Club of the Month.
New Jersey Youth Soccer Partners with AYCE to Help Instill the Values of Traditional Sports in the World of Esport New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) announced that American Youth Cooperative for Esports (AYCE) will be the state association’s Esports programming partner for 2021. AYCE has a reach of over 1 Million players. “With over 75% of houses with
Empowering Girls Through Soccer Donation-Based Summit Promoting Women’s & Girls Soccer On Monday & Tuesday Football For Her is the brainchild of former pro player Shawna Gordon. Don’t miss the Winter Virtual Summit … a soccer experience that’s physical, educational, and interactive for Ages 8-18 this coming Monday & Tuesday, 12/21 & 12/22 from 9
Soccer veteran David Ricca is joining the NJ Youth Soccer staff as its Innovate to Grow consultant.
SoccerToday's nutrition columnist Nancy Clark discusses the importance of anti-inflammatory diet
Amy Dirks on Strategies to Keep You On Track During the Holidays Nutrition information for soccer players from Amy Dirks. Discover what makes this column so different: Read Meet SoccerToday’s Nutritionist Amy Dirks – Great Info for Soccer Players of All Ages. My favorite tip? Start eating the Healthy items FIRST! Have a nutrition question? Ask Amy!
Is the Lighter Player the Quicker, Faster Player? Many soccer players have engraved this message into their brains:  The lighter I am, the faster and quicker I will be.  While lugging around excess flab can indeed slow you down, many weight-conscious soccer players are already lean for their genetics—yet may yearn to be even leaner.
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