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SoccerToday lives and breathes soccer in America.

As the #1 youth digital soccer news publication in America, SoccerToday is a vibrant advocate of youth game.

SoccerToday is the Voice of American Soccer.

SoccerToday features original articles with exclusive interviews plus influential columnists covering youth and professional soccer, coaching, nutrition, and the wonderful soccer life.

Soccertoday is the authority and leading source of news on youth soccer in America.

SoccerToday is committed to bringing readers meaningful news on the world of soccer. SoccerToday also publishes compelling press releases from top teams and leagues.

SoccerToday brings a fresh perspective on soccer’s ever-changing landscape  — with a focus on the backstory and what happens behind the scenes, especially in the world of youth soccer.

In September 2018, SoccerToday kicked off with a new, engaging style. All 5,000+ articles previously published on GoalNation have been moved to SoccerToday.

Just like training a brilliant player, SoccerToday has flourished with the support of a soccer ‘village’ of esteemed columnists, gifted graphic designers, a dedicated staff, and the loyal engagement of our readers —readers who live and breathe the beautiful game.

Our unique editorial perspective and well-researched articles have reached millions of readers. From decision makers of national organizations to soccer coaches and parents, our editorials are a trusted source for news on soccer in America.

SoccerToday’s editorial philosophy is built on the idea of successfully creating an ‘open space’ for the exchange of ideas.

Dedicated to growing the game of soccer in our country, we believe it is important to share diverse perspectives on emerging and relevant issues.

A note from our Editor-in-Chief:

“It is hard to imagine that I started publishing soccer news in 2010. I am proud to be at the forefront of digital publishing, covering the ever-changing soccer landscape with our great columnists.  Personally, as Editor, I am always learning — and this is one of the reasons I love what I do,” says Diane Scavuzzo, Founder & Editor-in-Chief.

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