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SoccerToday offers a qualified audience dedicated to soccer and an active lifestyle.  Our readers are players, coaches, trainers, tournament directors and of course the families involved in our favorite sport. 

With relevant coverage that goes deeper than the score, SoccerToday’s editorials examine soccer’s road ahead.  With over 50K LIKES on Facebook and a highly engaged social media audience, SoccerToday provides an exceptional reach into the soccer fan and family in the USA. Coaches, Players, Parents and Directors all read SoccerToday. 

SoccerToday reaches the heart of the American soccer community and delivers millions of impressions per month.


SOCCER: To offer soccer players, coaches, parents and, of course, fans honest and real, agenda-free reporting with diverse points of view. With great pictures and exclusive interviews, SoccerToday reaches America’s heart of  soccer.

SoccerToday is the voice of soccer in America.

More than reporting just the scores, our coverage of Youth, Women’s and Men’s Soccer goes deeper into action to reveal what is really going on in the game and how the players and coaches arrived to that moment.

Here is an example of SoccerToday's interactive marketing partnerships with professional and youth soccer clubs
Here is an example of SoccerToday’s interactive marketing partnerships with professional and youth soccer clubs

SoccerToday’s great Columnists share their perspectives along with our special Advice from the Pros and News on Nutrition, Soccer Locker new product reviews, Soccer Lovers’ Guide to Soccer Books and other special features — reach our audience and engage them in unique ways.

Subscriber email list is nearly 225,000 soccer players, coaches, tournament directors and parents all across America.

SoccerToday AUDIENCE:

Athletic and active our SoccerToday readers are engaged and interactive. Our social media posts create conversations. Our readers are all across America and beyond.

Here is an example of SoccerToday’s reach on Facebook – SoccerToday’s Facebook page reaches over ONE MILLION people per month:

Youth Soccer News - Information on SoccerToday


Here is a map of 2016 readership in the USA from Google Analytics.SoccerToday Readers Map September 2016

Top State Markets are: California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio and Virginia.

Top Metro Markets: LA, NY, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Houston, Detroit, Portland, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Denver, Charlotte, Cleveland, Miami, St. Louis and Columbus.

Here are some samples of articles posted on our SoccerToday Facebook:

PARENTS ON THE SOCCER SIDELINES It’s time to all get on the same page when it comes to the evolution of sports parenting.

April Kater Artikel on SoccerToday - Facebook post

And here is a Facebook post on Paul Breitner:

Power of social media on SoccerToday
Power of social media on SoccerToday

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SoccerToday FUN FACTS:

  • Over 70% of readers read us on their phones or tablets.  Of this percentage …
    • 68% read SoccerToday on their iPhones
    • 7% read SoccerToday on their iPads.
  • Over 150,000 people read our #1 article – Identifying A Developmental Saboteur in Youth Soccer
    • Readers read this article for an average of more than 7 minutes
  • Average time spent reading articles: Nearly 4 minutes
  • SoccerToday Homepage was the second most popular page followed then by
    • Parents On The Soccer Sideline
    • Nutrition Tips For Traveling Soccer Players
  • SoccerToday eBlast Newsletter Subscriber base as of 8.02.16: 189,131 – January 2017 our subscriber list had grown to 242,862
    • SoccerToday Open Rates exceed Sports Industry standards
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  • Top Five Acquisition Channels:
    1. Social Media – SoccerToday has nearly 50,000 LIKES on Facebook
    2. Direct
    3. Organic Search
    4. Referral
    5. email

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