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Soccer Locker Review: Pogba — Soccer Fashion Forward

Fashion meets soccer or is it the other way around? I tip my cap to the most fashionable man off the field — the ultimately cool soccer pro and indisputably the king of black and gold, Paul Pogba.

Known around the world for a sense of cool style and as one of the most creative soccer players of the moment, Paul Pogba has now joined forces with adidas to show his creativity off the pitch with the launch of the adidas x Pogba Collection, a bespoke range of soccer and fashion.

Designed in Pogba’s striking signature style, the adidas x Pogba Collection is inspired by fashion and hip-hop culture, and includes on and off the field footwear, clothing and accessories. The entire range features a newly designed ‘PP’ logo.

Soccer News - Paul Paul Pogba Collection Season OneThroughout 2016, Pogba created endless headlines, announcing his long-term partnership with adidas in March, helping Juventus to secure a record 32nd Scudetto title in April, reaching the UEFA Euro 2016 Final with France and causing global hype with his much-talked-about move to Manchester United during the summer. 

Paul Pogba says,I joined adidas because I believed that it would let me express my creativity on and off the pitch. After wearing a number of one-off bespoke boots on the pitch, I wanted to take things to the next level. The launch of the adidas x Pogba Collection is the first step of my wish to leave my mark and shows how I view soccer, both on and off the pitch.”

During the design process, Sam Handy, adidas Soccer’s VP of Design visited Pogba while he was living in Turin.

“Paul Pogba is one of the most creative players in world soccer right now and when he joined adidas, it wasn’t about wearing our boots, it was so we could create together,” says Handy. “Paul is a very creative and energetic guy and he was heavily involved in the design process – helping create the logo, choosing the colors and working on the design of the products themselves.”

What we have created is a unique reflection of Paul – as well as the modern day game.

The adidas x Pogba Collection will feature the new ACE 17+ PURECONTROL in Pogba’s signature black and gold. The boot comes with extra gold plating, a unique marble effect on the upper, ‘Pogboom’ etched on the webbing and trademark ‘PP’ logo on the webbing and tongue.

Paul Pogba Collection Season One
Paul Pogba Collection Season One

This Parisian influence has not been lost on musician and soccer fan MHD, who has created a new song “Never” to support the launch of the adidas x Pogba Collection.

MHD, who comes from similar Guinean origins to Pogba and is friends with the Manchester United star, also had a year to remember. Following the launch of his debut album in April, he has been at the forefront of the progression of Afro Trap music blending hip hop beats with an African tempo. In July, he was part of a global social media launch of the Real Madrid home and away kits for the 2016/17 season.

There is also a street and cage version of the ACE 17+ PURECONTROL within the collection. Black BOOST material has been used on the street shoe, providing a premium unique touch.

An all-black soccer with gold embossed ‘PP’ logo, hip-hop inspired snapback cap, bag, long length tee and performance tee all featured in the adidas x Pogba Collection. A black hoody and track pants made from the same material and featuring gold zips throughout complete the range, alongside a black bomber jacket with marble effect on the inside trim and gold zips.